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Sep 5, 2011 5:00pm PDT
in michigan today saying it's time for political games to end in washington so that americans can get back to work. in a preview to his jobs speech he said a million construction workers across america need jobs. coming up later at 5:30, how he wants to brighten the picture. >>> turning now to fort bragg and the effort underway to try to catch a killer. the gunman who shot and killed a city councilman was spotted yesterday. then disappeared. ktvu's rita williams is joining us live now. >> reporter: i am standing at the county sheriff's substation in fort bragg. it's the command senter for the hunt of the killer. this is the eight day that 50 law enforcement officials from local, county state and federal agencies have been searching the woods around fort bragg but they still haven't been able to find this man. suspected of killing killing a city councilman. . >> i am looking for the apprehension. last thing we want is anymore violence. we want safe apprehension. anyone who has contact with him, get the word out there. we want this to come to a safe conclusion. >> we consider him very danger
Sep 6, 2011 5:00pm PDT
michigan is safe tonight after a bizarre crash that left him and his suv suspended up in the air. check out these pictures here. detroit area police say the elderly driver had to be rescued from that suv after driving on to a utility pole cable. fortunately that cable wasn't charged and the driver wasn't hurt. no one else was in the suv. >>> all right let's talk about our weather. it was beautiful today and just like you called it bill. it heated up big time. >> it really did come up today. so much that the bay area air quality management district has issued our fourth, only our fourth spare the air day for wednesday. it's going to be hotter tomorrow in the inland locations. could see triple digit heat. haven't seen a lot of that this year. along the coast, if you've lived here any amount of time you know what this means. when the fog cannot get past twin peaks and it's so shallow it can't get over the russian hill or the east side of the city, that means means you're going to get heat in here. very hot day tomorrow. no records anticipated. when you get 98 degrees inland which is what we'l
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2